Masks Going Away in May?

Students and Faculty Share Their Thoughts


As of April 9,  Governor Kay Ivey lifted the mask ordinance for the state of Alabama, no longer requiring everyone to wear masks in public places. However, our school district decided to require students and faculty to wear masks in school through the end of April to allow for state testing in the safest possible environment.

As of May 1st, only visitors to the school will be required to wear masks. For students and faculty, it will be optional. When asked how they felt about the mask mandate lifting and whether or not they would continue to wear masks, students and teachers had this to say.


“I am very relieved that they lifted the mandate. I am not alw

ays great at remembering to wear my mask, so I am thankful that is no longer required.” -Walker Griffith, Freshman

“I feel like the masks made it hard to communicate at times. And it was just one more thing to worry about so I’m glad I don’t have to wear it anymore.” –Travis Smith, Sophomore

“I often forget to wear my mask so I am so glad that is no longer

going to be a requirement.” -Kathleen McCarthy, Junior

Sera Beth Potter

“I am very happy to see things looking like they’re going back to normal. I will most likely only wear a mask at school if I am concerned that I may be sick.”  – Mrs. McCarthy, Algebra Teacher