Getting to Know You: Student, Aden Jones


Mrs. Bailey

Aden with friends Gabe and Jada

Alexis Smith, Student Life Reporter

If you haven’t yet met student, Aden Jones, stop by Mrs. Clayton’s room and say hello! Aden is freshman this year and wants everyone to know how much he is enjoying high school so far. Having Cerebral Palsy hasn’t stopped Aden from being a cherished member of AHS! Recently AHS Press interviewed Aden to see what he thought of high school so far. Here’s what he had to say:


What do you enjoy doing for fun outside of school?

Riding four wheelers and go carts, playing video games, watching YouTube videos (Cold Start), and working on my 1972 Chevrolet C10 truck in Rocky’s Garage.

How does CP effect your everyday life?

I must do things a certain way and have help about 70% of the time. I also roll in my wheelchair named Wheelie. Sometimes when I do a lot, I have muscle spasms at night. I must have help with using the restroom and it makes me feel awkward but I’m glad I have people to help me with that.

In your own words how would you define CP?

It means my muscles have a disconnect to my brain so I literally must tell myself what I want my body to do.

What is your biggest struggle with CP?

My hands. I can grab things better than I can put things down and I need to rely on others sometimes to help me. I wish I could use my hands to start my four-wheeler but I’m working on practicing to get better at it.

Since there are some positive things with having CP, what are some positive things you enjoy while struggling with CP? Sometimes I enjoy driving my wheelchair. I also love having people around me. I don’t like being alone.

What would you like people to know about having CP?

 How do you feel about the way people, especially peers, see you just from the outside? Sometimes I think people see me as not having a personality even though I do. I think just like everyone else and have feelings like everyone else and I’m smart too.

What would you like to accomplish in your future and how does CP effect that?

I want to walk better along with assistance such as with my Gait Trainer which is just a walker.

Can you tell me about people in your life who have helped you in your life?

Mrs. Rhonda has been there for me for about 10 years. My momma and daddy have also helped along with Craig, my grandparents, and Jada. There are too many teachers to name but they have all helped me in some way.

Do you have a best friend? Who?

Yes, I do. Her name is Jada Bothwell.

When and how did you guys meet?

We met in Kindergarten, but she wasn’t in my class. She would always wave at me and play with me on the playground. When 1st grade came around, we ended up being in the same class so from there we have grown closer.

What are some of your favorite activities do with your best friend?

We like to ride my go cart together and she helps me with social media.

How has your teachers helped you adapt to your school life?

They help me read and translate to my friends so I can communicate with them. They help make it easy by modifying my work so I can do most of it verbally. I also have tools I have that help me like a talking calculator.

Who is your favorite teacher and why?

I have very many favorite teachers, so this is going to be hard for me. Mrs. White from elementary school stands out to me because I liked her hair. Coach Lewis from middle school was funny. Coach Seals and Coach Cone were very helpful through my middle school years. They took the time to understand me and become my friends. I have so many people I enjoy in high school. Ms. Clayton because she gets me, Mrs. Mattison because she is beautiful, Mr. Faulkner because he is funny, Coach Monroe and Coach Wilson because they love Shaw’s Barbeque just as much as I do.

Since I hear you love to read, what is your favorite series to read and why?

My favorite book series would be Hank the Cow Dog and there are many things I enjoy about it. For starters it is funny. Hank also has sarcastic humor so Mr. Faulkner and I understand it and that is something we can bond over.

What are your plans after high school?

Due to my disability in the state of Alabama I am legally allowed to go to public school until I am 21 so I am choosing that route so I can be around people. After school, I want to work at Rocky’s Garage as an automotive technician. Because of my disability, I have some sharper senses such as hearing and smelling so that can help me to better determine what is wrong with vehicles. As of right now I am in the process of creating a YouTube channel with Mrs. Rhonda’s husband, Wes, and we make videos on fixing cars. Hopefully it will be a success. If you would like to see those videos you can look up Rocky’s Garage and Doghouse. Now, that isn’t a permanent name, so it is subject to change. There haven’t been any videos posted yet but by the time summer rolls around it should be up and running. Mrs. Rhonda and I continue to be close even after I’m out of school. Also, in the future I am wanting to have a handicapped house.


Students and Teachers want to know…

Caleb Bailey asks, What is your favorite truck? 1972 Chevrolet C10 with an LS motor. I have a lot of memories in that kind of truck and my Paw Paw a few years ago handed his over to me.

What is your favorite food? French fries are my favorite kind of food. Eating is one of my favorite things to do and if there is someone to feed me, I will eat.


Derieca Smith wants to know how you feel about being in our class?

I love how it is calm in here and everyone loves coming in here and visiting.

Why do you like Bop It so much?

I can hear the game well and it is great for hand technique and reflexes.


Lightning round with Mrs. Rhonda  

How long have you been with Aden? I have been with him since Kindergarten.

How long did it take you to understand what he is saying? It took a few weeks to get a hang of it and still as of today I have a little bit of trouble, but I know him enough to tell what he is saying.

He thinks and has feelings just like everyone else. Just because he is physically impaired does not make him mentally impaired. He wants to feel included.”

— Rhonda Mundy

What is something that you want other peers to know about Aden? He thinks and has feelings just like everyone else. Just because he is physically impaired does not make him mentally impaired. He wants to feel included.

What are some things that you have seen Aden accomplish?

When he first came to Kindergarten, he was being pushed around in a stroller then I found out about a motorized chair he had so I asked to see it and I taught him how to use it. From there he has little to no trouble getting from a point A to point B distance in the school. In a Gate Trainer he can take up to 50 consecutive steps. He can hand feed himself and if there is a cup with a handle, he can hold it on his own. He has a very sharp memory so if he can do his work verbally it would put him on a grade level with his peers but due to his physical and visual limitations, he has challenges.


Questions from Mr. Faulkner

What is your favorite farm animal and why? I love cows because they bring my family money. My family raise them and sell them.

What classes are you looking forward to taking next year? I am looking forward to taking Agriculture. But if I take Mr. Faulkner’s class, I know I must take Mrs. Mattison’s class as well.


Mrs. Mattison asks:

Coach Seals told me this past summer that you were nervous about coming to high school. Now that you are at the point of being in high school how do you feel about it?

I’m no longer nervous like I was before and that is due to me meeting a lot of new people and looking on it I’m not sure why I was even nervous to begin with. My new friends make me feel good, loved, and welcome.