Does Covid = A New Dress Code?


Reece Waid, Student Life Reporter

Not only has the Covid-19 pandemic changed our wardrobe by adding masks,  most students have been dressing more casually. With so many school activities being cancelled, students have stopped dressing up for school events.

If you went strolling down the hall, you might see girls with leggings with big hoodies or sweat pants and T-shirts. Freshman Laney Washburn noted, “I haven’t worn jeans since December.”

It has been difficult finding the motivation to dress up for school. I used to care a lot about my appearance and my wardrobe, but since Covid I have not cared as much to bother to get ready. Wearing makeup seems silly when half my face will be covered with a mask. When asked if she thought Covid was resulting in students dressing more casually, Freshman Caroline Ballard commented: “With everything else going on in the world right now, what I wear to school isn’t really important anymore.”