Are Pep Rallies Gone Forever?


The Covid pandemic has changed a lot about high school this year.

The halls aren’t decorated on game day. The cafeteria remains mostly empty. Pep Rallies didn’t happen this year, aside from one brief one outside during football season.

The questions remain unanswered: how much longer until things return to “normal?” Will we ever not have to wear masks to school? Will we always have to social distance in large groups? Will Pep Rallies come back or are they gone forever?

Senior Hannah England commented, “I enjoyed having pep rallies to pump up the football team every Friday.” She went on to say,

I miss having pep rallies and getting to play fun games with people from each grade. This year has not been the same without pep rallies.”

— Senior, Hannah England

The Ashville Bulldogs have had a lot to celebrate this year with a successful football season and a State Championship for the Wrestling team. But for now, we have to celebrate amongst ourselves instead of at pep rallies.